How to build ‘Self-awareness’?

People’s quest for knowing so-called ‘self’ has been on for centuries.  Most have been futile attempts guided by books, philosophers, meditation, reflection bordering on the esoteric as well.  It’s to the point that many suggest that you need to sit for long hours ‘reflecting’ on self.  Many have tried to isolate themselves in the process.

It surely is a mistake to think that one can know oneself significantly through isolation, through exclusion or by going learning Self-Discovery-Month-Self-awareness-helps-teens-fight-addiction-and-mental-problemsthrough a book.

Self-awareness is a process and not an end in itself.  It is continual as well.  It needs to be through examining our self in relationship to family, friends, parents, environment.  Our responses to these relationships.  It requires a highly alert mind to keep examining these relationships  to gain an understanding of self.

The identity of ‘self’ cannot therefore be in isolation.  All the concept of ‘onion peeling’ till we reach the core, may not take you to self.  As you keep peeling and reach a stage where there is nothing left, would mean there is nothing left of you as well.  Some may call this a discovery of the ‘ultimate truth’ about oneself.

Is such a thing possible?  Can your entity ‘self’ or ‘I’ be possible without the existence of a relationship?

Your birth itself is a consequence of ‘relationship’ so you cannot be exclusive about it.

‘Self’ is all encompassing and all inclusive.  Be alert. Be observant.


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