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Flexible honesty! – Dishonesty in ‘truth’

Is there something like “Flexible Honesty”? Why do people find it difficult to share significant bad news, when they know that it could lead to corrective action? I don’t remember a time when tempers have not run high after I made the participants in my workshop play the prisoner’s dilemma.  Powerful emotions rise up as…

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WFH – The Loss of Social Capital in Organizations

It’s time that organizations paid attention to the increasing loss of “Social Capital”. In the last 6 months of my consulting work with organizations, the most commonly stated frustration of the senior leadership is ‘attrition’ and the challenges of ‘retention’ post Covid-19 and close to 2 years of WFH. The problem is accentuated as organizations…

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Leaders – Are You A Sucker For “Suck-ups”?

I have been reviewing leadership profiles as part of custom designing leadership development programs in over 60 major corporations.  I see that most organizations describe the behavioral indicators for leadership that is so obvious. They include behaviors like “communicates a clear vision,” “helps people to develop to their maximum potential,” “strives to see the value…

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Workplace bullying is real. 9 tell-tale signs that you are a victim of workplace bullying and harassment

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How does isolation chip away at one’s health and mental wellness?

Being a startup entrepreneur, business owner, CEO or an aspiring ‘C’ Suite leader, isolation can chip away at one’s health and mental wellness.

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10 compelling reasons to join a Peer Advisory Group

As a business owner, CEO or a senior business leader, a Peer Advisory Group could well be a game changer.

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