Sree Kumar
Founder, CEO & Bibliotherapist

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Guest Faculty: Reserve Bank Staff College, SEBI – National Institute of Securities Markets, SVP National Police Academy, and CRRID – Centre for Research on Rural and Industrial Development


An excellent training on HR skill development was organised by the Critical Dialogue.. Highly recommended ..

Amit Kumar


Though I was initially skeptical about the Big 5 assessment, the analysis of my personality was mostly appropriate.

Ramesh Parameswaran


I was already in path of introspection but with CD ,the further knowing of those hidden areas was of immense value to me. Finer knowledge of oneself and development of an attitude towards your work ,taking decisions and staying focused! Lot of analytical skills became handy to me. Thanks to Mr.Sree!

Dr. Suman Arvind


I got the opportunity to attend multiple training programs and was fortunate to undertake the Big 5 assessment twice in the last 8 years by Sree.  I recommend all Business Leaders, Managers, individuals, and couples take this course and get this assessment done by Sree.

Vishaal Kant
Executive Director / Flyer Financial Technologies


The Big 5 assessment just took me 15 mins to complete, and I was expecting an overview of my personality type. But I was in for a surprise as what I received was a detailed report. Sree took the time to help me understand what it means and also identify areas of improvement. The value that I received from the debriefing session was immense. Thank you for that, Sree!

Deepa Nambiar
Content Manager / To-increase


Initially I was skeptical that test was not free, but when I received my Big 5 personality results & debrief, I understood why. The overall assessment feels very professional. Mr.Sree was also super friendly, Knowledgeable and helpful, answered all the questions I had about my assessment results. I strongly recommend people to take this Big Five personality Assessment from “The Critical Dialogue” & know more about yourself.

Ramesh Edassery
Director Operations / Delviom LLC


In market you might get lots of  personality assessments & free reports, wherein in TCD along with your personality report, you know how to debug the report & how one should cope with their individual personality traits that is not helping them. To understand others, first one has to understand themselves & that’s when you will be able to know and respect others. Thank you for making me understand myself better Mr.Sree. I would recommend everyone who are interested to try this & you will know yourself inside out. You won’t be disappointed, that’s my guarantee.

Gireesh Kumar
Customer Success Lead / Monster India


We have worked with  Sree over the last few years and have always found them to be a great partner in our team-building endeavors. Their rich experience helped them deliver insightful analysis on the gaps in our teams. We used these insights to work on the gaps within our teams and build teams that delivered successfully over a period of time. They also used innovative team-building methods which were customized as per the team needs and the mandate given to them.

Kiran Kalluri
Venture Capitalist and Angel investor


Sreekumar brought high domain expertise and displayed a great understanding of situations for which he was helping me and my team out. His easy approach and personable style helped me and the team get the most out of his coaching sessions. He is very reliable and ensured timely interventions to make sure that the preparatory work required to make the session successful was done in advance.

Manish Agarwal
Director / Dell


I have known and worked with Sree for more than a decade. Sree has always come across as a professional trainer with excellent knowledge and creative thinking. He is always well prepared for the training program and focused on the deliverables at the end. He has been a pleasure knowing and working with, and I would highly recommend him for professional training in group situations for most of the HR inter-personal and teaming areas.

Anil Kumar
Vice-President and Talent Lead Business Advisor / Deloitte Global


I know Sree as a leadership trainer and coach having attended an Equinox program a few months ago. Personally, the benefit of the program has endured long after it was over. As a coach, Sree combines great empathy with toughness that makes learning more effective. Sree has a direct communication style; he serves up uncomfortable facts with humor, brings up good examples to convey a point across, and creates an atmosphere where we begin to learn without being taught. He listens very well and can quickly move from a broad macro-level topic to a micro-level - that his trainee has in mind. His biggest plus as a coach is the passion with which he does his job and that comes across each and every time you meet him. I recommend Sree to organizations that are looking for leadership programs that combine theories with practice, which their staff can practically benefit from

Sarabjit Sen
Head of Products and Global Delivery / Steelwedge Inc.


Sree conducted a large group intervention for our organization and was very effective. The customized team-building exercises for engineers worked very well in translating learnings back at the workplace. I wish him all the very best.

Shyamala Shukla
Director of Talent Acquisition CoE APAC Region / Medtronic


I had the opportunity to invite Sree to work with me at Oracle and CDK Global (India). The assignments were varied - from building high-performing teams to vision-corporate priorities-goal alignment exercise for the whole leadership team through outbound engagement. Every time, our partnership with Sree returned the best ROI on our time and efforts. The results exceeded expectations. His ability to quickly decipher business challenges, calibrating the participants, coming up with sustainable, review-able result-oriented frameworks is commendable. His program delivery style is very engaging, energetic, and effective. I certainly recommend him for any strategic people intervention addressing key business challenges.

Debashis Ghosal
Head - Human Resources / CDK Global


I had the pleasure of associating with Sree for Leadership Development and Feedback training series for our senior leaders and middle managers at Pfizer. It helped us in building a culture of giving and receiving feedback. Personally, I gained a lot of learning from those sessions. He is a wonderful trainer, a passionate facilitator, and an absolutely great person. As a facilitator and coach, Sree's style is Charismatic. He is perfect at his work. His sessions were so engaging and interesting that People Loved to attend his sessions and follow him. We have become good friends forever. If you are interested in leadership and culture development in your Organization, I would definitely recommend Sree.

Narendra Yadav
Program Manager / Pfizer


Sree conducted a leadership program for the local leadership team in my company. For someone like me who has been skeptical about training programs, it was a revelation working with Sree. He has this uncanny ability to touch on sensitive topics in a very subtle and brutally honest way without ever crossing professional boundaries. He insists he has less tact and he certainly has a very direct approach to deeply probe and make you think. His sessions were more about you and your organization rather than some management methodology or self-help jargon. I found myself enriched and benefited both professionally and personally in my short collaboration with him.

Sasikiran Meka
Vice-President, Director, Analytics & Trading Engineering / Factset


Sree does a commendable job over several years on to the diversified platforms in L&D. His uniqueness to inculcate the learning by focussing on individual's strengths and improvements are just AMAZING. Sree's expertise is Business Communication, Leadership in action are few to the spotlight. He is friendly and quickly approachable for any L&D activities.

Sayeelakshmi Magesh
Associate AVP / JP Morgan Chase & Co.


We engaged Sree for Feedback interventions in our company when I was working with Hospira. It helped us in creating a culture of openness and transparency in people for giving and receiving feedback. Personally, I gained an in-depth understanding of feedback and how does this entire process work. As a facilitator and coach, Sree's style is one among the participants removing the barriers between the facilitator and the participants and creating an environment of learning. I would definitely recommend Sree if you are looking to invest in any behavioral or Leadership Development programs in your company

Swetha Nemala
Sr. Executive L&D and Talent Acquisiton / Hospira


Sree is an explosive person, full of wisdom, that reflects the number of years he has spent gaining that. In interacting and conducting training with people, he is able to identify core issues and specify actions that need to be taken, with a lot of clarity. This is a boon for any manager. After all, it is said that the most complicated thing, is to simplify. And Sree does this so effortlessly, that I would refer him to anyone looking for real answers to managing and grooming people.

Satish Rajan
Marketing Director / Columbus A/S


I have known Sree for over five years, engaged Sree for our leadership development as part of our offsite. It was that beginning made to again and again engage Sree for subsequent programs. He beautifully instills a "sense of purpose" in the team which is one of the important needs in leadership development. As a person, Sree is simple, practical, very engaging. As a facilitator, Sree has a unique style of delivery that touches the heart and mind. I will recommend you talk to Sree if you want to bring in a "sense of purpose" to your team.

Duraivel Gopal
VP & Delivery Head Cloud Services / Capgemini

As the founder of The Critical Dialogue, Sree is a ‘Bibliotherapist’, with over 30 years of experience in using the modality of literature, fiction, and storytelling as a means of therapy.  He helps people in inner work which translates towards better acceptance, higher self-esteem, well-bonded relationships, and joyful living. He specializes in using these modalities to help individuals both in their work and family life.

As an Executive Coach and Counselor, Sree is passionate about helping individuals get a handle on their Emotional well-being, Enhancing the quality of their relationships, Personal growth, and transformation. The coaching and counseling tools he uses are adaptable to any human development context and are holistic in nature.  He has designed and developed powerful psychometric tools that help assess and counsel people on their ‘Mental Wellness’, ‘Relationships’, ‘Parenting’, ‘Dealing with Anxiety, Stress, Anger’, and ‘Teen Coaching’

Sree is a professional member of the Association of Contextual Behavioral Sciences, an international community of scholars, researchers, educators, practitioners, and others whose mission is to, support a dynamic interaction between basic and applied research. ACBS is dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering and the advancement of human well-being through research and practice grounded in contextual behavioral science.

As a Founder and Partner at Equinox Consultants, Sree Kumar is a Peak Performance Coach and HR Strategist, who helps organizations optimize their human resources by engaging them with end-to-end human transformational solutions. From hiring, retention, and engagement to employee transformation he partners with his client’s performance development initiatives that guarantee results.  

Sree has created a Human Resource Optimization model theS.T.A.R™, Reflections™ Big Five Psychometric tools, and Reflections-360™, which helps transform human potential into reality. In the last 30 years, these tools have positively impacted over 450,000 people from over 60 global and Indian organizations.

Sree also helps organizations set up and run their ‘Assessment and Development Centre for various employee wellness and development programs. This includes complete Employee Life Cycle Management like Career Interests and Ability assessments, Career Planning, Interpersonal relationships, Parenting and Family, Self-awareness, Mindful Leadership, Team, and group dynamics.

Sree believes that mindfulness is the key to success in life a tenet he lives through his interests in Meditation, Music, Painting, and Writing.

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