The Critical Dialogue on relationships is all about helping you engage in those difficult conversations, which you would often avoid, in a safe and meaningful manner. It helps in building greater bonds and trustful relationships.

Fear My ‘Fear’, Not My ‘Anger’ !

It’s the fear which lies within that triggers all your anger. Do not respond to anger, learn to deal with fear of people.

Get in touch with ‘Anger’!

No one likes to be around an angry person. An angry person is often a lonely person.
Get in touch with your ‘ANGER’

Choose Your Words And Deeds With Care!

We all leave a trail.  Especially so in our relationships.  Therefore it is important to pause and reflect on the trail you wish to leave behind as you move in your journey called life.

The point is – You may pass, but your words and deeds will always remain. You must therefore choose them with utmost care, especially so during your interactions with others.


When your words and deeds exude care, affection, happiness, sincerity, help… you leave a trail of the same behind you or when you pass. It is like the smell of a fragrant flower adorned by someone who passes you by.

Same is the case when your words and deeds transmit negativity, arrogance, anger, insincerity… you leave a trail. It smells like the stench emanating from the garbage truck that just passed you by. The worst is that it never leaves you. Each time you are confronted by the same person or situation, you will be reminded of it.

Why not choose your words and deed with care?

What is the trail you would like to leave behind?

The choice is yours!


Bending, being flexible, accommodating and compassionate is often the best way to deal with angry people than get into a power struggle. How can you diffuse a potentially explosive situation?

Beware! – If You Are A ‘People Pleaser’

The people-pleasing habits are toxic to you, and often stem from a need to make others happy. But sometimes, there isn’t any deeper origin to these patterns beyond simply being a gentle person. Are you a people pleaser? Find out.


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