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S1:E7 – Promote Yourself – The new normal for success THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

If you’re going to get ahead and be happy with your career, you need to be in the driver’s seat, constantly seeking out opportunities and being persistent. When you do, your manager, your coworkers, and the executives will view you as a valuable asset, and you’ll get those raises and promotions that you’ve been killing yourself to get.  In the TCD Live Weekend Lounge today we are engaged in The Critical Dialogue on how you can use your current job as a springboard to success and use thinking-inside-the-box skill rather than outside-the-box skills to realize your potential, maximize your success, and take your career to a whole new level.

S1:E6 Road to Resilience – Beginning and beyond THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

You likely know someone who seems as if they can take what seems like a punch in the face over and over but still get back on their feet and try again? Their resilience is powerful and inspiring and something you should be focused on too if you want to succeed in life. Discover a few of the reasons you want to enhance your resilience on this show of the TCDLive Weekend Lounge with me your host Sree Kumar and Nyn Riffat as we try to shed light on the journey and the long road to building resilience. It is our attempt to go beyond the cliche and bring our attention to the need for a holistic approach towards resilience – Mind, Body, and Soul.

S1:E5 Mental Wellness recovery – an active change of ideas and attitudes THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

Today many the world over are dealing with devastating losses of both the personal and the professional kind. From losing dear ones to the loss of jobs and relationships to accumulating huge business losses. People still seem to be reeling under the after-effects of a calamity of proportions they would have never ever imagined they would face in their lifetime. In this episode of The Critical Dialogue I ask Karl to tell me about what he thinks is the way forward, the steps one can take to ‘recover’, ‘reignite’ and ‘rejuvenate’ one’s life when faced with such physical and emotional upheaval.

S1:E4 – Recovery and Resilience in the aftermath of Domestic Violence THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

Welcome to another edition of The Critical Dialogue on the TCDLive weekend lounge where we bring to the table crucial conversations that matter. S1:E4 of the show is about Recovery and resilience in the aftermath of domestic violence. Practically every aspect of a domestic abuser survivor’s life is altered in the aftermath of domestic violence. Leaving an abusive relationship involves transitioning from being controlled to being in control while coping with the costs of a domestic life filled with fear, terror, and devastation. This change takes tremendous strength as one’s energy shifts from survival mode to starting a new life. Because the effects of domestic violence and abuse often last long after the violence has ended, leading to deep physical and emotional trauma.

S1:E3 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

Most organizations feel satisfied that they are meeting the bare minimum needs of diversity and inclusion numbers.  People at the receiving end of micro-aggressive behavior start to feel increasingly alienated and are constantly reminded that they are different and don’t belong. He said “As a man of color, I had to work harder, just to get equal respect all the while suppressing my personality to dispel the stereotype of a rebellious, non-conformist. In The Critical Dialogue TCDLiveWeekendLounge show this weekend, we will talk to Torrey to shed light on his journey and how he not just saved his skin but saved his sanity to be successful in life?  We will ask him how to identify the signs of micro-aggression at work and ways to deal with it.

S1:E2 Workplace harassment and bullying THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

In a workplace, it becomes increasingly difficult for people to identify bullying as is often the case the boss is the perpetrator from which arose the cliché “people leave their bosses and not companies”. It does not mean that there are only bosses to worry about, even co-workers may turn into bullies usually when there exists an underlying conflict or some sort of jealousy or when they jostle for recognition and rewards. And if you are a Black Woman, the bullying not just gets intense but even so subtle that it becomes very difficult for one to even realize before it takes a toll on your #mentalhealth #careergrowthgoals Femi had her fair share, what with not just being a woman in the competitive corporate world but also because of being Black. Her #story is incredibly insightful and inspirational, as she not just navigated her way through these obstacles, but went on to conquer them successfully as well.

S1:E1 The color of your SKIN doesn't matter THE CRITICAL DIALOGUE – LIFE AT WORK

THE COLOR OF YOUR SKIN DOESN'T MATTER – All it takes is a mindset reboot to TRANSFORM your LIFE! Throughout our corporate history, we have witnessed bullying and harassment, particularly on women and especially those of color. It’s an evil mindset that exists that has destroyed many innocent lives, shredding their hopes of reaching the top echelons of corporations into oblivion. Now imagine, not just being a woman of color but an immigrant and being a single mom in a land with few friends – it cannot get more daunting than that. To be able to overcome all these challenges but going on to build a successful career and business, takes a lot of doing. Nageen says it required a complete mindset reboot. In today’s TCDLive Weekend Lounge” join us for an invigorating conversation with Nyn, #herrhythm, and listen to her story.

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