Inner Landscaping Therapy

Emotions guide us across our inner terrain, pointing us in the direction of roads of connection and intimacy. Our inner landscape contains our emotional past, positive and negative memories, cultural and religious beliefs, and much more.
The interior landscape of emotions refers to the complex interplay between interoception (the awareness of the internal condition of the body), emotions, and physiological sensations. We unleash the possibility for increased emotional self-awareness by strengthening our interoceptive skills.

Sample from an Inner Landscaping Program

We are on dry ground.

And the Israelites went through the sea on dry ground, with a wall of water on their right and on their left. Exodus 14:22

In the depths of life’s intricate tapestry,
A power unseen, yet ever-present, it be,
Whether we notice or not, it prevails,
Guiding our steps, as an invisible trail.

In moments of doubt, when darkness abounds,
The power persists, steady and profound,
Though our eyes may fail to perceive its might,
It holds us firmly, like a beacon in the night.

Whether we feel it or not, in our core,
The power resides, forevermore,
Like a steady heartbeat, beating strong,
A source of strength, when things go wrong.

For even in the storms that fiercely rage,
We stand on solid ground, on wisdom’s stage,
Though the winds may howl and waves may crash,
We find our footing, with the courage to surpass.

Whether we notice it or not, it’s there,
A force that lifts us, with tender care,
It whispers softly, in the depths of our souls,
Guiding us forward, making us whole.

In moments of stillness, we can perceive,
The power that’s woven, in all we believe,
For it dwells within, an eternal flame,
Igniting our spirit, with passion aflame.

So let us awaken, to this truth profound,
That the power is there, all around,
Whether noticed or not, it’s always near,
Guiding our steps, casting away fear.

May we open our hearts, and trust the sound,
Of the power within, that does abound,
For on dry ground, we firmly stand,
In the palm of grace, held by a loving hand.

Poem by Sree – TCD

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