Career Edge – Level I

State-of-art infrastructure alone won’t help your students succeed!

You provide a carefully designed pedagogy, best teaching infrastructure, ambiance, learning resources, scholarships, and equal opportunities to all students.

Why is it then, that only a few students go on and make the cut? By making the best use of the available resources, great career moves, and then going on to be successful in life.

We know that each student is unique and likes to learn in a way that aligns with his personality.   

Yet for years we have been thrusting pedagogy on our hapless students without consideration and sensitivity.
What makes students succeed?

Much of what you get from your environment is based on how your respond to various opportunities and events that present themselves to you from time to time. 
Some students are naturally adept at responding in ways that align with the needs of the situation that gives them an edge.  What is interesting is that they may not even be aware of what makes them tick!  As much as some who have high IQ, there are those who have high EI. 

Evidence shows that while IQ helps immensely in academic success, it is EI that fuels the life engine to happiness and success!
It helps students make emotionally intelligent choices that give them the edge!

Career Edge – Level I
An inside-out approach to fuel your career!  

This program is designed to help students become aware of the 10 key dimensions of their personality that lead to better career choices.

It aims to help you transform and grow your students into more confident, self-assured, self-determined, and conscientious individuals.

A journey that gives meaning to life!

For students to be able to make choices leading them to be happy, content, and successful in life, they need to have the ability to ‘respond’ in the most appropriate manner.  They need to understand the nature of their responses and how they impact their success.

Students, therefore, need to understand at the deepest level, their personality and how that influences the 10 key dimensions of EI, namely – their emotional state, defense mechanisms, anger response, impulsivity, attitudes, self-acceptance, purpose-in-life, autonomy, relationship ability, and personal growth orientation. 
It would then act like a “user manual” which guides them towards greater meaning and SUCCESS!
Career edge

How does your ‘nature’ influence EI?
Learn about the 5 factors and 30 facets that influence EI!
How do these factors manifest into understanding their orientation on 10 dimensions of EI?

Learning orientation, emotions, defense mechanism, anger response, impulsivity, interests, interpersonal styles, actions, attitudes, and character
Learn to respond, learn and make choices in an emotionally intelligent manner.

Student toolkit

The tools provided for you in this program is a result of over 30 years of research and pack the power of impacting over 450,000 through personal transformation programs.

What do you get?

A comprehensive assessment report of your EQ and response style.
Workbook/worksheets for practice
Personal 1:1 consultation (2 hrs.) for each student post-program
Online chats for guidance and support


24 hrs. (min. 2hr / session) delivered online and not more than 8 weeks. 
Customizable for schools/universities/groups.