Career Edge – Level II

Who Am I?
Influences Career Ability!

Knowing who you are as a personality, provides you with valuable information about your ‘self’ and your preferences. 
For example, would you like to actively work with and be in contact with people?  Would you like to work in a place which welcomes change, or do you like a stable environment?  Do you prefer to work alone or in groups?
It is one of the key determinants whether you will feel comfortable with a career area. That is why it is important that you work in a career area that fits your personality. Your personality also determines how easy it is for you to learn new behaviours associated with your areas of career interest.

8 key career values and preferences

Everyone has preferences regarding the type of career or work they would like to undertake.  These are typically influenced by personality traits.

For example, some prefer careers which provide them with ample opportunities to learn new things while others may prefer a higher level of independence in their work.  Some may prefer jobs which provide them with a chance to be socially active other may prefer to work in solitude
There are 8 key career values namely, safety, learning, work-life balance, challenge, enterprise, service, independence, and leadership.  When you choose careers, which satisfy these core values, they give you least stress and maximum joy.

6 career themes
There are 6 career themes that act with your core values which plays a key role in your decision of a career which will provide you with utmost joy. 
Relates to being practical, analytical, creative, social, entrepreneurial, and conservative themes.
Career Edge – Level II
Values, Themes, and Interests that
Fuel your career!

This program will help you learn ways to make career choices that would give you maximum happiness and success.
• Understand aspects of your personality which align with your career interests

• Identify and choose appropriate  education  and  training relevant to your interests

•  Identify career options that are consistent with your personality and interests

• Maintain an effective life balance

• Find your preferred learning environment

• Learn about your orientation towards leadership, enterprise, teamwork, and success.

• Use in career planning and pathing, development and growth

• Make decisions that move you towards future goals

You will be getting:

· A comprehensive assessment report of your Career Ability and Orientation.

· Workbook/worksheets for practice

· Personal 1:1 consultation (2 hrs.) for each student post-program

· Online chats for guidance and support

24 hrs. (min. 2hr / session) delivered online and not more than 8 weeks.
Customizable for schools/universities/groups.
Navigate the complexity of our modern work environment
Gain insights into roles and careers which will give you maximum joy

Enroll yourselves in those career-related educational programs that fits your learning style and preferences
Keep you on target with your decision making so you do not go off in too many directions at once

Career Edge Level II