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The Critical Dialogue on career development provides resources and content which will direct your attention to where your passion lies and takes you on a journey towards career joy and fulfillment.

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TCDLive Weekend Lounge Talk Show

The TCDLive Weekend Lounge talk-show aims to bring to The Critical Dialogue that we often don’t pay attention to find difficult to engage in.

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This post is a shout out to all the teachers who are along with the health care professionals and others in the frontline. They too are our ‘Covid-19 Warriors’ who are not being spoken of much.

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The Poison Of Knowledge!

The value of ‘experience’ cannot be understated. In this day and age of instant information sharing using digital media, more and more people are being driven purely by knowledge and are living their life based on the information they receive in plenty on a daily basis.

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Of offers; counter-offers and the game of deception. Have you been a victim?

Many organizational leaders do not like the fact that you are going on your terms.  There point is “how dare he go on his terms?  It’s me who decides the terms of employment and severance as well”  It’s an ‘ego’ trip.

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Have you been a victim of ‘gas lighting’ at workplace?

I was having a counseling session with one of the employees in my client organization and this is what he had to say about why he feels highly stressed at work. “My boss keeps giving me assurances about a possible raise based on my performance and when I take up the issue with him he…

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Busting the ‘Work from Home’ Myths

Businesses must be cautious about implementing ‘work from home’ concept in their office. It may not be all that good for your business health.

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