Positive Parenting Program

Positive parenting program


Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence

Positive parenting is all about learning to facilitate the transition of kids during various stages of their life. It is about building bonds.
Lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, withdrawn, rebellious, picky, lowered attention, aloof, and less talk and demanding…

Did you know? over 50 years of research on millions for kids has revealed that genetics and the environment have roughly equal influence in their development.

Your parenting personality has a high degree of influence on the environment your kids are raised in. It facilitates their growth as ‘positive adults’!

Parenting and teamwork

Positive parenting is not just about the biological parent. It involves all the care-giver, elder sibling, single parent, grand-parents, teachers or anyone who is involved in their upbringing. 

It takes teamwork!

Positive Parenting Facilitation

Positive Parenting takes effort! it needs time, attention, money, skills, physical and emotional resources.

It demands of you to ‘step out’ of your comfort zone!

Kids who grow up to be confident and successful, have often been found to credit their parents and care-givers for all that they achieved in life.

Parenting communication

The good news! is that you don’t have to end up being a hit or miss parent. Parenting is a way of life and there are several research backed tools and skills which you can learn to help Guide, Lead, Teach, Care and more importantly Communicate with your growing up kid; that can help them grow to be confident and happy adults.

Teen coaching for success

There is nothing more rewarding! than watching your kid grow up to be happy, confident and successful in life.

As much as it takes a seed to grow into a healthy sapling, to a plant, to tree bearing fruit – it takes sustained positive parenting effort to yield positive results.

That is made possible through our ‘Positive Parenting Program’ for you and your family of care-givers.

Positive parenting outcomes

Outcome you can expect

Enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem

Improved social and problem-solving skills while enhancing relationship quality with you and their care-givers and peer group

Improved creativity and self-determination in your children

Learn to make informed choices

Make them more responsible and accountable

Positive parenting program content

Program content

Know what you bring to the table as a parent?

Know how your personality influences your parenting?

How to use your self-awareness in understanding your child?

What are the predictors for understanding your child’s predispositions?

How to use the power of observation to spot opportunities / talents of your child?

How to identify the underlying factors which influence a child’s behavior?

How to develop high self-esteem in your child?

How to set your child up for success and happiness in life?

Who is this for? anyone who is responsible for and part of the environment in which a child grows is a ‘parent’.  It could be a care-giver, elder sibling, single parent, grand-parents, teachers or anyone who is involved in their upbringing.  It takes teamwork!

You need to invest?

8 Weeks. 2 x 90 Min. Online Sessions / per week

Registration fee: INR 9,000/- for both parents or INR 6,500 for one parent.

Includes: Assessments for 1 child, Bibliotherapy sessions, Worksheets and Exercises.

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