Self development

The Critical Dialogue for Self Development will help you explore the eight dimensions of your life by engaging in difficult conversations which you may otherwise ignore. It will make you more ‘Self-aware’ and bring about a balance in your life, making you happy and enjoy living.

Guest speaker

TCDLive Weekend Lounge Talk Show

The TCDLive Weekend Lounge talk-show aims to bring to The Critical Dialogue that we often don’t pay attention to find difficult to engage in.


Caring for children is much more exhausting than work! Surprised? In fact self-care is such an important aspect of ‘positive parenting’ – you can ill afford to ignore!

Fear My ‘Fear’, Not My ‘Anger’ !

It’s the fear which lies within that triggers all your anger. Do not respond to anger, learn to deal with fear of people.

Get in touch with ‘Anger’!

No one likes to be around an angry person. An angry person is often a lonely person.
Get in touch with your ‘ANGER’


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