Self development

The Critical Dialogue for Self Development will help you explore the eight dimensions of your life by engaging in difficult conversations which you may otherwise ignore. It will make you more ‘Self-aware’ and bring about a balance in your life, making you happy and enjoy living.

The Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude! I’m sure you have heard of this word before and you probably know that it simply means a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation. The “attitude of gratitude” Gratitude may be a mouthful to pronounce but the act of showing it is actually rather simple and effective to implement. Knowing the power and potential of … Continue reading The Attitude of Gratitude

LISTENING – Questioning is a poor listening habit!

When I tell people in my workshops that ‘questioning’ is a poor listening habit, many are taken aback.  They have been told that when you ask questions, you encourage the speaker and that is the way to go with your listening.  People assume that questioning is a good way of showing that you are interested … Continue reading LISTENING – Questioning is a poor listening habit!

Listening – mishaps of diversion

Remembering a conversation with my son after he lost the closely fought team doubles badminton final. As he walked across the court to meet me. Adi: (With tears welling up in his eyes.) I was terrible. I’m the reason we lost the game. Me (disagreeing): No you weren’t, you were good! Adi: I was not! … Continue reading Listening – mishaps of diversion


You will be astonished to find that reassurance is high on the list when it comes to irritating listening behavior.  You must understand that when you are reassuring someone, what you are doing is actually talking, whereas it probably would be more appropriate to be listening. When you look closely at the effects of reassurance, … Continue reading LISTENING – THE PROBLEM WITH REASSURING SOMEONE!

Relationships – Fight, Flight, or Loving Action!

Fight or flight – our automatic response to danger. When fear is present, adrenaline pours into our system to prepare us to fight or flee – from the tiger, the bear, the lava from the volcano. Fight or flight – today we automatically respond this way to the present dangers, the deep fears that come … Continue reading Relationships – Fight, Flight, or Loving Action!

Relationships – Don’t Doubt, Check It Out!

“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows” Life would be difficult without the blessing of significant relationships as an integral part of our lifestyle. However, although relationships can be the source of much joy and happiness, they also can frequently be a source of … Continue reading Relationships – Don’t Doubt, Check It Out!


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