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Flexible honesty! – Dishonesty in ‘truth’

Is there something like “Flexible Honesty”? Why do people find it difficult to share significant bad news, when they know that it could lead to corrective action? I don’t remember a time when tempers have not run high after I made the participants in my workshop play the prisoner’s dilemma.  Powerful emotions rise up as…

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WFH – The Loss of Social Capital in Organizations

It’s time that organizations paid attention to the increasing loss of “Social Capital”. In the last 6 months of my consulting work with organizations, the most commonly stated frustration of the senior leadership is ‘attrition’ and the challenges of ‘retention’ post Covid-19 and close to 2 years of WFH. The problem is accentuated as organizations…

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Workplace bullying is real. 9 tell-tale signs that you are a victim of workplace bullying and harassment

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Post COVID-19 Recovery – A Challenge for Leadership and Corporations

With the relaxation of restrictions by the governments to stimulate economic growth; businesses slowly crawling back to normalcy and recovery. While business activity seems to be gathering speed, there is little sense of relief amongst the corporate leadership as the scars left by the pandemic will take a long time to heal.  Post covid-19 scenario…

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The Poison Of Knowledge!

The value of ‘experience’ cannot be understated. In this day and age of instant information sharing using digital media, more and more people are being driven purely by knowledge and are living their life based on the information they receive in plenty on a daily basis.

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Work-From-Home – A Test Of Trust!

TRUST is going to be put to test while working from home. There are 5 ways in which you can build and sustain trust in remote working context

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