Relationships – Get some clarity!

Once you experience ‘clarity’, you will see differences as a great opportunity in your relationships than as conflicts.  Somehow, I find that we tend to consciously try and surround ourselves with people who hold the same views or piece of everything we hold.  We get around us people who support our point of view, thinking that if we can collect enough of the same pieces of everything, we can have all of everything.

clarity in relationships

We fail to realize that the more you collect the same of everything, the more you will miss the other pieces required to complete the jigsaw puzzle.

It’s like collecting a lot of ‘tyres’ without having the supporting frame, handle, spokes, brakes, chains etc.  You just cannot build a Bicycle only with ‘tyres’ can you?  When you become conscious of this reality and start seeking out people who are ‘different’ and can support our process of growth is when the ‘wheels of our life’ start to run.

As with all the component parts of the ‘Bicycle’ we need to consciously surround ourselves with people who have learnt something which we are yet to learn.

Go get some clarity…..

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