Un-learning Meditation

Though I’m touching on an area where there is so much already happening; what with new age gurus dishing out different techniques and processes to meditate. I want to investigate the efficacy. Do people really get to what they have been promised? Are you being told that it takes years to reach the promised state.? As much as it took for your guru to master? Have people been merely hallucinating?

To understand what you have been doing all the while let me provide a different perspective. Mind you this is not to convince you to discard any process you have been diligently following.

Let’s see what is meditation by examining the meaning of “pre- meditate”. It means prepare, plan in advance for a desired outcome. Don’t you think you have been doing the same in the name of meditation. Plan in advance for an outcome? An outcome which is abstract, unexplainable.

Actually most of you have probably been pre- meditating than meditating. What then could be meditating? Obviously it can’t be same as pre- meditating.

Don’t you think ‘meditating’ is simply being present in the moment? Do what you do without expectation.?

It might just relieve you from the stress of ‘meditation’. It might also save you endless hours of time in your life and provide you with enough opportunity to lead your life as you would want to.

Actually you know that as well, however it might take courage to reject what has been the conditioning.

The writer requests you to give yourselves a chance.

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