“One size fits all” – method of teaching must go….

“One size fits all” – method of teaching must go….

While every aspect of our life has evolved to suit the needs of the day and of the future, the only one to have been stuck badly in time is the way our education and methods of teaching work.  In fact none of our education is aimed at making the children future ready.  They are in fact tuned to making them robotic machines who will do by command.

This method is from the industrial revolution period where machines were supposed to do a job in a particular way and no tinkering was allowed – lest the outcome may change.

one-size-fits-allWhen you can customize almost anything in today’s world to suit your specific needs – from Facebook pages, your profile, your designer clothing, to cars, homes, looks et al; then why not the way you are taught?  The way education is delivered to you?

While everyone agrees that each one of us is unique in our own way and have tastes which differ from one another, our educationist and teachers don’t treat us that way.  In fact when they do not respect our uniqueness is when they make
us feel inadequate all of the time.  You got to be lucky if the teaching method is suited to your likes.  Come to think of it – ‘Luck’ seems to be playing a major role in guiding my personality towards success.

Let’s look at how the ancient ‘Gurukul’ used to operate and I take the case of ‘Guru Dronacharya’ on whose name awards are also given to teachers.  He identified the uniqueness in each of his students and trained them purely to be specialists in that skill.  He produced geniuses from each one of them he trained or coached
.  While the ‘values’ education remained the foundation, the skill development used to be highly customized.

It strengthens the case to do away with “One size fits all”  method of teaching in schools, colleges and other educational institutions.  There is an increasing need to customise.

Valuing and Respecting the Uniqueness of each individual is the key guidance for facilitating their path towards success and greatness.

If you are a teacher, educationist or a policy maker and are interested in this idea, its time to put this to practice.  Even I have some ideas.  Ask me 🙂

Please share this as widely as possible so that it reaches every corner of the world.  It could be a change for our future – your future – and generations to come…..

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