GOD – is a planted idea?

GOD – is a planted idea?

There is reason to believe that the idea of ‘GOD’ has been carefully planted and stories told and retold by the ruling class in order to control the people they rule.  Religion has been the medium.in_the_beginning_man_created_god_square_magnet-r59cf1b2af78c4b4b8352f4493c593783_x7j3u_8byvr_324

Precisely the reason that you find only the ruling class which gets very agitated, reactive and violent when you question the very idea of ‘GOD’ which they claim to believe, propound or propagate. It is very strategic without their direct involvement.

The rulers created messengers or the interpreters who claimed to be the authority on these very ideas and planted them amongst the people so that the needle of suspicion doesn’t directly fall on them.

Mind you this is not specific to any religion.  It is a strategy used universally.

The proof also lies in the fact that you will be treated as a pariah if you try and interpret GOD and Religion in any other way than what has been prescribed.  Did I say ‘prescribed’?  The very fact that it is a prescription is a give-away.  Even the messengers get very disturbed if you come with a contrarian view.

You also find that the so-called places of worship are more a demonstration of the power and grandeur of the rulers.  The very pompous nature of the ruling class in these places of worship is another indication of this fact.

Why does GOD need all the money, grand throne, grandiose premises?  Isn’t he omnipresent?  or Does GOD exist at all?

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