I’m that……

I’m that……

Understand this as I’m that and purge the rest

Shake off your beliefs of religion and power

I was there before and will be after

I am there when you see light

I will be there when you see darkness

From the depth of the grave to the blue sky

I’m that

What use of reading religious texts



When you understand not a word you quaff

What use of retiring to the jungles


and not absorb the dew drops from leaves

I’m that

What use of retiring to the high mountains

Reaching the summit

and not absorb the path you walk

I’m that

What use is of prostrating and bowing one’s head

and not absorb the stone you lie

I’m that

What use of fasting

and not absorb the grain

I’m that

What use of breathing in and then out

and not absorb the life

I’m that

The touch you feel

The eyes that see

The smell you get

The pain you experience

The joy you get

I’m that

From the face you see in the mirror and

the people who love you

the people who care for you

the people who hate you

the people who despise you

the people who support you and

the shoulder you lean on

I’m that

Absorb this truth….. I’m this and I’m that

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