Never be attached to the ‘Outcome’ – Enjoy the process!

We often are so much attached to the outcome or result that we fail to enjoy the process or the journey. We either seem to get anxious about the possibility or when the outcome is not what we expected it to be, get depressed by it.

So much so, that even when we do get a positive outcome, we seem to be more relieved than happy. Relieved of the fact that the journey has ended.


You must realize that you do not have so much control over the outcome; as much as you have on the process. Have you not experienced this, for example when you are too much attached to the result of a soccer match that we remain tense through out without enjoying the beautiful way in which the two teams are competing on the field.

We sit there imagining what would be the state of the team we support if they lose or win? in the process missing some of the great moments.

Isn’t it the same nowadays when people go on a holiday?

I see that people are so much concerned or shall I say obsessed about how well the pictures are taken that they forget soaking in the beauty of the whole journey.

Release your attachment to the outcome!

Releasing your attachment to the outcome doesn’t mean that you are any less interested in manifesting your goal.  It only means that you are going to be less interested in the fear of not achieving it.  You shift your attention away from fear and start feeling safe.

The secret to remain relaxed, content and happy is to be in the ‘process’; ‘live in the process’, ‘enjoy the process’.

I would love to hear from you.  

How do you feel about detaching yourself from the outcome and focusing on the process?

Do you think it releases the stress?

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