Are You Guided By Your Ego or Intuition?

If you are not in the habit of listening to the quite voice of
your inner guidance, you may be guided by your Ego.  Making life changes become overwhelmingly difficult when you are out of touch with your inner guidance.

In fact genuine inner guidance which according to quantum physicist comes from the holographic imprints of knowledge which rests in each one of us.  Now how do we identify such intuitive guidance?

The intuitive voice is quiet but persistent.  Thoughts keep coming back, but are not marked by urgency.  The ego’s voice demands that you make a choice now, out of fear that some thing will disappear.  

Intuitive messages point you in a direction of self-development.  The ego, by contrast says, “Why bother?” “It’s too much trouble.”, It costs too much”  The ego rationalizes away action and defends the status quo.

The intuitive voice uses simple declarative statements, such as “it’s time to go back to school” etc., which are specific and useful.  The ego keeps rehashing old ground rules and relies on justifying statements.  Intuitions directly and clearly come to mind.  The ego voice is indecisive and anxious.  It tries to control events.

The intuitive voice moves you out of your comfort zones.  The ego voice loves to tell you horror stories.  The intuitive voice gives you one step or goal at a time.  The ego sets up contradictory goals or creates no-win situation.

Intuition tells you what to do to be true to yourself.  The ego tells you what to do to make things good for others.

Here are some insights and suggestions to enjoy the power which comes from your intuitive voice:

  • Feed your fascination
  • Don’t be afraid of selfishness
  • Remember, helplessness may be just inexperience
  • Expect setbacks
  • Use persistence as necessary
  • …………………….
  • …………………….
  • ……………………

What’s yours?

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