Culture is not a ‘Liberating’ experience – Discard it

Culture is not a ‘Liberating’ experience

‘This is not in our culture’; ‘Our cultures don’t match’; ‘Don’t try to impose your culture’; or plainly ‘don’t learn this or that culture’.

How often have you heard this common refrain from people?  All the more in today’s global environment.

This very fact indicates to you that ‘Culture’ is binding and not a very liberating experience.  The moment you define what a ‘culture’ is, you give it some boundary and with it some norms.  And many of us have not even applied our thought/mind to this as it has been passed on from generations.

All you do today is try and align or rebel against the pre-defined culture.  Where is the role of your mind in all this?  Have you been able to even think through all this?  Are you not spending a whole lot of energy in either defending or conforming to the culture you were born in or conditioned to accept?

By this logic, I think you were not even born ‘liberated’.

This is not only a cause for today’s conflicting times but also the cause of grave internal conflict of your mind.

What do you think?  Has culture liberated you in the true sense?  Has it helped you to find the truth on your own?  Are you not bound already?…

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