GOD cannot be a goal! Cannot be achieved!

GOD cannot be a goal!  Cannot be achieved!

All those who run around from one worship place to other, one guru to other in search of GOD must understand that it can’t be your goal to find GOD.

The more you run, the more effort you put to find GOD in the outside world through various means the more difficult it would get.  In fact, it is contrary to what we have always been told that “GOD is within and in all”

A supreme self that cannot be defined or described but only be realised.

Cause that which can be defined comes with a beginning and an end and has boundaries.  The ‘Brahman” is ever present and is unavoidable, its the whole all encompassing entity.  Quite like ‘Self’.

Therefore it is quite difficult for you to define ‘yourself’ as well.  Try and you will see that it is almost impossible to clearly define or provide a complete definition of yourself.

The only way is to probably allow yourselves to ‘dissolve’ in the process of life as it is.  Just ‘to be’.

That probably will be the greatest of all worship to the GOD within.

अहं ब्रह्मास्मिति – I am the infinite reality.

No one can help you find you.  If anyone claims to do so is far away from his reality.

The only possibility is to ‘realise’ GOD.  तत्त्वमसि – Tat Tvam Asi – Thou art that…… or “You are that”

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