Don’t try to know the unknown!

Don’t try to know the unknown!

You don’t have to work very hard to try and find the unknown.  When the time cometh and you are confronted with situations which demand an appropriate response, it shall be revealed to you.

You should not waste your energies in trying to figure out or find the unknown.  Instead all your energies should be put to use for what has been revealed as a natural process of your growth in this world.

You run from ashram to ashram, guru to guru to find out that which you do not know while completely missing the point of being in the moment.  If life gives you a playground it also provides you with an intrinsic ability to play in it.  You discover this along the way.

This is precisely the reason why we learn to swim if and when we want to play with water, learn to drive when we are confronted with the need to commute long distances.  If you don’t have money, you learn to live by your meagre means and when you have a need for luxuries you work hard to get them.  This is a purely natural process and has been happening from time immemorial.

The trouble begins when you start to try and figure out the unknown and start to prepare for situations which have not yet manifested.  You end up creating situations for that which you have already prepared for.  Let me explain – If you have built weapons of mass destruction to prepare for an eventuality, you will be tempted to test them out for reliability.  You then find excuses to wage war which are not directly relevant to your life in general and thereby end up manifesting the mass destruction.  This is precisely what the Americans got caught into.  Similar are many programs which waste your time, energy and resources in preparing for the unknown.

On the contrary let me explain how you are always prepared and endowed with an intrinsic ability to find your way.  When you want to clean a comb of all the dirt, you figure out that a tooth brush can do the trick for you.  You don’t sit frustrated by the fact that you do no have the knowledge or skill set to clean a dirty comb.

The point I am trying to make is – don’t get fooled by people who promise to teach you skills to transcend barriers and know the yet unknown.

“Believe that GOD has provided a playground and instilled in each one of us the ability to play in it”

It requires a great belief in ‘YOURSELF’!

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