5 Family Leadership Lessons You Could Apply at Work

If ever you want to perfect the ‘Art of Leading’ and the behaviors which lead you to achieve that, you don’t have to attend workshops , seminars and read books; but to look inwards; to yourself and the way you ‘Lead’ in your family. Let me explain this a little. family

What do you think are the hallmark of a leader that he has, shows or possesses;

  1. Provides
  2. Nurtures
  3. Protects
  4. Builds
  5. Develops and Grows

Don’t you think as the head of a family or as a parent you do that at home? Why can’t you just take those very behaviors or actions to your office? Isn’t that what you yourself want or expect from the person who leads you in your office or who you choose to follow? Let’s look at these in a little more detail

Leader as a Provider

At home and as a provider of your family food, money, clothing and basic necessities of life. You ensure that no one is deprived of the bare minimum required for comfortable living. More importantly you are continually focused on and measuring your families conditions on these parameters. Providing all the members of your family with an environment which helps them achieve the goals which they have set out to achieve or aspire for.

Do you do the same as a ‘Leader’ in your office? Do you provide for or ensure enough wealth, good food and a healthy environment where your employees can feel comfortable? Isn’t it as important to your professional family as well?

Leader as a Nurturer

What are the nurturing behaviors family leaders exhibit? They nurture importantly the values and behaviors in their members. They provide the cultural context to the family; sensitize members and help them remain true to their culture. By the daily nurturing of such behaviors they develop habits in members which help them to face the challenges which the environment poses and succeed.

Leader as a Protector

Providing a safe and secure environment is one of the primary responsibility of the family leader. It ensures that the members of the family are confident and can perform their duties without any fear. The fact that their family will back them up in the face of any adversity provides a lot of confidence for them to explore, seek out and achieve success in their chosen path.

Leader as a Builder

Not just building homes but building character and skills is another role which the family leader plays in his day to day life. By demonstrating exemplary behavior himself, he encourages the members to do the same. It is a fact that the members start to mirror behaviors shown by their leader and turn out to become like them in the long run.

Leader as a Developer

The leader is also constantly looking for and aiding the development of skills in their members to better prepare for the future.

Leader as an agent of Growth

The leader provides a vision of the best future state to all members of the family. He constantly motivates members to work hard towards achievement of set goals. He provides regular feedback on what is working and not working and is not hesitant in doing so. He measures progress and helps his flock remain focused and prevent them from going astray.

If you can do all of the above for your family; why can’t we do the same with our office family? When you provide, nurture, build, develop and grow your teams just as you would your family, you will be surely succeeding as a leader.

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