Work-Life Balance Issues? Learn ‘Assertiveness’

“Let’s say you have already committed to your Family that you would come back home early and take them out for a movie and dinner thereafter, and suddenly as you are about to step out of office, your boss calls you for a meeting”.work-life-balance-concept--balance-achieved

9 out of 10 would try and excuse themselves from the family commitment and stay back in office ‘though reluctantly’.

What makes them do this?  Why is it that people tend to take their family for granted? Why do people give the last priority to family, while claiming that all what they are doing is for the family sake?

Is this what is affecting the ‘Work-Life Balance’ for people?

What do you think are the possible remedies?………..

I for one think that if people learn to be or are taught ‘Assertiveness Skills’ from an early age will surely be able to achieve work-life balance.


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