Why are people ‘stingy’ in their praise?

Why are people ‘stingy’ in their praise?

It’s often very easy for people to be ‘critical’ of others.  At the same time I find that people are very ‘stingy’ in their praise’.

PraiseWhat makes them this way?  Is it that they do not find themselves worthy of such praise?; or Is it that they feel that it will make the other complacent? or is it that they feel it will give the others a feeling of superiority? or simply we have been told from childhood that the only way to help and improve people is by ‘critical’ evaluation.

Whatever be the reason, I feel that a ‘praise’ or little ‘compliment’ goes a long way in making the day for others.  Instead of making them complacent, it surely will make them more ‘responsible’ in living up to the expectation of the person giving them that praise.  In fact every human looks for a daily does of praise which will keep him motivated and feeling worthy of his life.

Do not lie? Don’t you look for some yourself?  Don’t you feel delighted within when you receive praise?

Then why is it that you find it hard to dish out some ‘praise’ to others?

Don’t be stingy – give some praise!

I am looking for some from you as well 🙂

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