There is no such thing like an ‘Original’ thought!

Lot of people struggle with the idea of coming up with an ‘original’ thought.  They want their ideas and thoughts to be such that it has never been heard before or thought before.  In this quest they never end up coming up with any.  They are also the one’s who ridicule others who come up with ideas which have been built up on accumulated knowledge and experiences of others over the years.  You see this everywhere, at work, in school, at home or any group work.

Original ideasAn ‘original idea’ is a myth.  There is no such thing as an original. It doesn’t come up from thin air.  It is always built on past experiences and cumulative knowledge from the universe.

So, stop running behind or putting efforts to find a truly original idea.  Just be comfortable with the fact that none is original.

At least it will help you to implement and experience what you have built.

Sree Kumar

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