Most of the ‘prayer techniques’ are a failure?

How do you measure the effectiveness of any technique, process or method? The answer is, on the basis of the results it produces. The higher the success rate the more effective they are deemed to be.

In the same vain, I was reflecting on various religious methods, processes, techniques which have been prevalent through ages. Almost all promising that if you follow them diligently, will certainly lead you to the path of ‘God’ or help you experience ‘God’.

Yet over the years you will find that only a few great saints have found or experienced god. The percentage of people attaining that level is probably not even 3% of the population which chooses to follow the meprayertipsthods. This would mean that over 97% of the population fails inspite of the best efforts to experience the path of spirituality or god. Even the 3% who seem to have succeeded, may be by chance or that they were simply extraordinary beings.

How could you then call a system, process, method, path effective when the success rate is so low?

Any method is considered effective, if it can get the 97% who are not so capable or gifted, to reach a level of success in their pursuits. If the rest 3% fail then we can say that it was sheer chance.

Is it time to re-look at the concepts of religious processes? Is it time we figured out a process which could help majority to attain success?
I believe that a path or process if followed diligently should guarantee atleast 90% plus success rate, else it is to be discarded.

What say?


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