Being ‘Honest’ with ‘Self’

Many people, probably most of us at some time or other, struggle to deal with troubling feelings and problem situations in life by using a whole range of avoidance maneuvers: we may pretend nothing is happening, focus on blaming others, or tryself-honesty-freedom to find ways of avoiding embarrassment, distracting ourselves and/or minimizing conflict.
The problem with these ways of dealing with inner and outer conflicts is that they don’t work well in the long run. If we try to deal with our problems by pretending that nothing is wrong, we run the risk of becoming numb or getting deeply confused about what we actually want and how we actually feel. And from tooth decay to auto repair to marriage, avoidance manoeuvres won’t protect us from the practical consequences of our difficulties.

The first step in dealing with troubled feelings and problem situations in life therefore is to be ‘Honest’ with self and Acknowledge the fact that you do have a problem.
Are you ‘Honest’ with yourself?



Sree Kumar

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