The surprise of ‘change’ and why people seldom do!

‘You have not changed one bit’; ‘You have changed quite a bit’; ‘I never expected you to change so much’; ‘When things are going well, why

A few of the many statements you hear about ‘change’. Most of change-samethese, somehow communicate that ‘change’ is not really socially acceptable. In fact, when people make statements like ‘What I like in you is that you have remained the same’, is testimony to this fact.

The negative talk surrounding the word ‘change’ is so much that most dread to think of a change; resist change and do only if they are pushed to a corner. Such forced change is also not a happy change, as it has not come from a positive desire or state.

You may want to reflect on what have been your experiences of change. Have you got positive vibes when you changed?

Sree Kumar Palakkal


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