Proof that you are an image of ‘God’! Actually you are one!

Often we use the term ‘God willing’ in anticipation of a future happening or intended outcome.  ‘Will’ is that embedded code in all of us, which helps us to accomplish what we want in the future.  This only goes to prove that ‘God’ didn’t want us to be any different but created us in his own image.

The problem arises when we fail to understand this and stop using the power of our ‘Will’ to accomplish or create what we want.  When we start doubting ourselves, start depending upon astrological charts and predictions, our past karma etc., is when we start going away from our ‘Godliness’.

Your ‘Will’ is what makes you a human ‘being’ and not using it will only make you inert like a stone, an inanimate object – being kicked around by the vagaries of life and so called ‘fate’.

If ever you have ‘Willed’ something and accomplished it, remember, it is the same quality which ‘God’ possesses and it is what goes to prove that you are created in his image and you are one yourself.

‘Where there is a ‘Will’ there is ‘Life’.


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