The idea of ‘Possession’ – and the ‘Undying Spirit’

Our entire life revolves around the great idea of ‘possession’.

However, it relates to all that is material and is visible to the naked eye or that which can be perceived by or tasted by our sense organs. Parents possessiveness of children, in turn their possessiveness of their play things, possessing wealth, relationships, friendship, land, objects and any such thing that is material.

In fact this whole idea of possessing is temporary.  All that which is material is one day going to be depleted, extinguished or become extinct.  An understanding of this fact is what makes you more stable and calm in your mind; keeps you away from conflicts; anger; deception and all that gets you stressed.
The only thing which forever lives or is undying is your ‘Spirit’ or consciousness.  It lives on even in your absence.  It is also that which cannot be lost to or possessed by someone else.  It is your only possession which cannot be taken away from you.

I am not suggesting that you give away all your pursuits and sit and meditate; but giving you an idea that will keep you de-stressed at all times.


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