Lessons from the journey of Crucifixion and Resurrection!

Every story has something to tell us and so is the one from the life of Christ!

It is for sometime playing and replaying in my mind the whole journey of crucifixion of Jesus and his subsequent resurrection and I wondered why it was coming to my mind as I became deeply contemplative about it.

If you have seen a movie depicting the scenes leading up to the whole process, you would find striking similarity with your own journey of life.

Resurrection-LogoThe fact that in that journey the ‘Cross’ signifies the burden of your life which you only have to carry; the lashes from the soldiers signify the pains you have to endure in reaching your goals; the wailing people on the roadside who signify all those who care for you; the people who risk being lashed at, still coming forward to give water are your friends; the people who throw stones are your critics.  Learning to embrace all of these as it is your natural process of growth and evolution into a greater human being is the biggest lesson.  You would find in the story that Jesus, never for once flinches at whatever is happening, as he accepts the fact that it is a process of greater evolution and he intends to teach that lesson.

The fact that he lays on the Cross for 3 days signifies that it took time for him to let go of all attachments and it was really a painful process.  However, when he is able to do that and forgive and forget all those who pained him; he is able to let go.  The resurrection signifies a new you.

Remember, each of you carry your own ‘Cross’ and you have to go through the journey everyday with the belief that you will resurrect yourself to a higher level.

Are you willing to let go???


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