Paradox – Parenting guffaws

Have you not served them their gingerbread yet?

Asked the baker momma to her little girls so fret.

We were just going to, momma,

Said the girls on the edge of trauma.

Just going to? Oh indeed!

Said momma fierce in her voice and deed.

That is so very interesting,

And who may I ask, permit you that giving?

We didn’t give it away just yet momma,

We only thought after the permission you gonna.

You only thought! That is very kind of you,

I thank the both of you.

But I thank you both to not go thinking!

Cause I am here to do all the thinking.

As baker momma shouted in her terrible voice

The poor girls seem to have lost their voice.

Tears welled down baker momma’s daughter,

As she burst out in a harsh crackle of laughter.

Oh! Look at her! just look at her! All cowardy,

Isn’t she a poor little cry-baby?

Baker momma shrieked pointing her knotty finger,

As large tear came coursing down her daughter.

Within minutes she made them feel small and frightened,

As the daughters distress only got heightened.

For momma blocked all three areas of human functioning,

That of her daughters acting, thinking and feeling.

Seeing all this, only this comes to mind,

Cause momma had put her daughters in a double bind.

The daughters felt so used,

The monkey is now confused!

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