Is God ‘biased’ or ‘partial’?

“God is not biased or shows no partiality”.  I answered my son when he questioned me as to why when we pray to the lord everyday the results are not similar?  Why is it that some are rich and the others not so?

My answer itself manifested from the lessons I learnt from the lords discourse in the Bhagvad Gita.

God is a mass of Dynamism, the source of all activities and achievements.  We are given the equipment through which we can, as we like invoke this infinite energy and if used carefully and effectively, we can reach the goal of our activities.  If we misuse them, the very same divine force can be the cause of our disaster.

It is like the ‘fuel-strength’ of Petrol which can be converted into horse-power through the mechanism under the bonnet.  We can invoke the horse-power to reach our destination, or we can easily end up into a mass of twisted wreckage on the way-side and become a bundle of broken bones.  The accidents are caused by the carelessness  of the driver, although the strength and power with which the car moves is supplied by the same petrol.  The strength in the petrol had no attachment for those whom it guided home safe. Nor can we say that it had a hatred for those whom it wrecked.  With neither attachment nor hatred, the petrol gives its power when invoked through the mechanism of the engine.  How to make use of the power depends upon us and our wisdom in employing it.

Similarly, an electric plug in the house can be made use of to hear a song over the radio, to cool ourselves with a fan, to boil water, to cook or to warm the room with a heater; it all depends upon what instrument we plug into it.  It is never possible that electricity flowing through a fan, of its own accord, can start emitting fire or light.  Similarly you can fulfil all your goals or desires according to the type of our invocations.

By coming into this world ‘God’ has already manifested in you and available always.  It is upto you as to how you want to invoke the divine power.

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