Collateral damage is inevitable for a higher cause..

Active resistance to evil is the central idea of the doctrine expounded by Krishna through the discourse of ‘Geeta’.

As Arjuna ponders over the probably loss of several innocent lives including several peace-loving, highly intellectual and culturally similar people offering to buy peace through self-defeat, Krishna educates him of the fatality of such an attempt.

When poison afflicts one part of the body and it becomes imperative to cut-off that part, you don’t think twice abwar_of_ran_bhumi__krishna__by_theartist100-d6l0ug9out the pain it can bring and the possibility of living without it.  You look at the larger cause and do the ‘surgical strike’.

India faces the ‘Arjuna syndrome’ and has been for the last 60 odd years.  Each time there comes a call of for action, it ponders over the loss of innocent lives on both sides of the border and tries to buy peace by dialogue.  As much as offer for dialogue is the first logical step, it cannot remain the only option.  The menace of Duryodhana and his Kaurava atrocities keep increasing, as much as we saw post ‘pandavas’ pardon after he attempts to burn them alive in the palace.  What followed was the attack on the modesty of Draupadi in full view of the so called ‘intellectuals’.

I see the same situation prevalent today.  There are the so called ‘intellectuals’ who propound the idea of ‘peace’, attempt to broker ties inspite of repeatedly being under attack. The opposite side always takes courage from the fact that there are ‘Bhishmas’ and ‘Dronas’ who will overlook their follies and side them inspite of…

Currently, the Americans are playing the role of ‘Bhisma’, the Russians are playing ‘Drona’ and the Chinese are playing ‘Shakuni’.  In this scheme of things, there is a need for taking a leaf out of Krishna’s doctrine.  He propounds ‘action’ and lets Arjuna know that inspite of his best efforts at avoiding a war, the only way to put an end to the prevailing situations is to take up arms and fight the battle.  He lets Arjuna know that the collateral damage is inevitable; that he may have to kill some of his own in order to achieve a larger cause.

As much as it applies to the Indian context today, it applies to our ‘Self’ as well.  You will have to fight the battle within yourselves and kill some of your own ‘ego’, ‘selfishness’, ‘desire’, ‘arrogance’ and many of the negativities which may exist.  Never mind, in the process you will probably have some collateral damage, in terms of your relationships.

You may lose an ‘Abhimanyu’ here and a ‘Drona’ there……

Are you ready for realizing your higher cause?

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