Of false Yogis and the market of ‘Nirvana’

It’s time to call the bluff of false Yogis and gurus who ply their trade in the market of ‘bliss’ and ‘nirvana’.

If you ever wanted to be at peace with yourself, you must stop seeking quick-fixes and solutions from sources whose own credentials may be questionable.

baby-yoga-poseStarting with the concepts of aligning your energies, kundalini, meditation, knowing oneself and beyond and the fad diets and prayers to achieve peace, the market is huge.

Most Yogis try to tell you that you are not yet evolved and it takes years of ascetic living to reach the state in which they are in.  The elusive state which even they find it difficult to explain.  When you ask them the question, they rebuke you by saying “those who experience it cannot explain it – it will be unimaginable…. and so on”

You have also been handed down a path in the form of various ‘ashrams’ the brahmacharya, grihastha, vanaprastha and sanyasa.  You try to diligently go through all even though you might not have been satisfied or fully contended with the current.  This is precisely the reason why people often complain or regret about what they ‘could have been’ or ‘could not do’ or ‘enjoy’ in the past.  You seem to be in a hurry to move from one ‘ashrama’ to the ‘other’ and feel that only when you reach ‘sanyasa’ the race is finished and you are the victor.

I don’t think life is about this stupid race. As long as you are thankful to be who you are in this world and are enjoying every moment of what you do, you do not need the assistance of any yogi or guru.  You will always be in a blissful state.

It is all the falsehood dished out to you in the name of meditation, yoga, exercise, diet which is rarely in alignment with your intrinsic needs which keeps you dissatisfied.  The problem also is that it is been packaged so well and hard sold to you that you refuse to believe otherwise.

Try and ask anyone who goes to these meditation sessions of some of these new age gurus and yogis and they would vouch for the efficacy of the system and the methods they are following.  Even though deep within they know that it is not working.  Their ‘Ego’ doesn’t permit them to accept the reality.  They continue to remain in the make believe.  They keep repeating that it is working and to prove to others, keep visiting these centres and come back and let know that they are now rejuvenated and feeling blissful.

In fact this deep rooted ‘hypocritical’ living is what makes people stressed, discontented and frustrated with life.  Jumping from one method to the other in search of peace and happiness.  In the process, some even destroy the lives of their near and dear.

The simple fact is ‘do what you do with all the energy and enthusiasm’ you will always be in the ‘so-called’ meditative state.  Stop ‘Engineering’ yourself and ‘Re-engineering’.  Don’t be defensive about your life – as it is now.  You don’t have to explain or convince others about your happiness and contentment.

This world is wonderful and beautiful ‘As Is’.

Haven’t you seen a child in a meditative state?

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