I lost my dancing shoes!

I was taught to be someone else
When I could be better just being myself

I pretended to be someone I was not
When I always had something, which others did not

It hurt walking around in someone else’s shoes
As I left behind my custom shoes

I deprived myself of the life I could live
And deprived others of all those which only I could give

I so felt leading the life of another was a sin
The mask which I could have so trashed in the bin

I tried hard to please others by being who I was not
Only to know that they always loved me more for being just me

Now that I lost my custom shoes
My feet hurt the more I move

The pain is now unbearable
Its time for me to find my shoes

It’s time for me to shine my shoes
That’s what I call my dancing shoes

It helps me make all the right moves
Happy that I no longer have to wear someone’s shoes

Remember never to leave behind your shoes
It was custom built for you

Why not practice just being you?
Happy is the life it will bring you…

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