Hey! Slow down, Wake up!

I often kept myself busy,
Not ready to face the uncertainty of the life not so easy

I lamented the lack of time,
As I woke up each day with the sound of the chime

Only to realize that next to the desire for money,
My biggest grouse was the lack of time

My body ached from the hunger and fatigue of the day,
As I still tried to squeeze in one more activity before the end of the day

With no time for solitude
I realize that I was nothing more than a robot headed for a meltdown!

The only way I could wake up,
When stopped by a complete breakdown

The years I took to achieve my life goals,
I realize that I am living a dream I’ve far outgrown

Those were dreams watered down,
Burdened with the responsibilities which have only grown

Caught up with a feeling of failure and resignation
I started to look at life with indignation

It’s only the emptiness from the loss of one’s own,
That taught me the need for slowing down

The cost was too much to pay
For keeping my inner voice and desires at bay

It’s time for me to change gear,
To start doing things I hold dear

It’s time for me to stop the meltdown
It’s time to wake up and slow down!

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