Get in touch with ‘Anger’!

It was a date with his special someone
At a beautiful place they had chosen one
It all went awry when they both reached a different one
He waited for her for what looked like eternity
As the clock ticked by affecting his sanity
It would have all been a mix-up
Which I shall try to fix-up
He left her a message on her answering machine
As he pondered long near a coffee machine
She was all anger and flare
As she presumed he deliberately left her there
He had left her all disappointed
As he failed to reach the spot appointed
What was for him a simple mix-up
For her, this date he had messed up
She screamed that he was unreliable
How was she so dumb and gullible
She brought more anger than it deserved
To the person her heart reserved
Her anger was from an old hurt
Which she dumped on him till it hurt
She was angry that he wasn’t  there
She was angry that he was late
She carried her anger all where she went
On the dishes and people she vent

It took long for her to realize
It was her fear that made anger materialize

She feared abandonment
And burst out he wasn’t there

She feared she was not as important for him
Thus for the date he was late

She feared that he didn’t love her anymore
So angry for whatever he said

She kept rubbing in her anger
Than to deal with her inherent fear

Her insecurities made her frail
And all his pleadings were to no avail

She stopped seeing him eye-to-eye
As there was more to it than met the eye

Even though she had valid fears
It was made invalid with anger

Every date was a repeat thereafter
As he drifted apart farther and farther

Those were the clues of what was really going on
With all those fears she was carrying on

It was time she dealt with her anger and fear
To save the relationship she held dear

Cause no one enjoys being around an angry person
An angry person is often a lonely person.



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