Emptiness lies within!

She saw her husband sick and dying
Counting his days laying
She found the time flying

Till death do us part
Was the fairy lying
She burst out crying

She never thought she could love someone
So much as this one
Her whole life revolved around her special one

She loved him more deeply
Praying to almighty ever so deeply
As she started to find completeness lately

Her prayers answered and worries laid to rest
her husbands health turned towards the best
Did she now fear the worst?

A sudden feeling of emptiness
A surge of bitterness
Sensing a loss of completeness

She was willing to do her part
Till death do us part
Only if he was going to depart

Now that the husband got the gift of life
She felt she was sentenced for life
This was now turning real with strife

It was easier for her to commit in loss
Alas life was not all candy-floss
Her life now gone for a toss

It was her search for wholeness
Which exposed her emptiness
She found she couldn’t create happiness

The fairy tale was all magical and fun
Till she thought she would be the only one
Who could care for that special someone

In caring for him she had finally felt whole
Her heart now a shallow hole
That he got out of the hole

The answer lay in ending the search
And finding completeness on her own
Not longing to seek it with someone she thought her own

She started to search within
To find that emptiness lay within
Much to her chagrin

You don’t find completeness and wholeness
In someone you love
As the emptiness lies within

by Sree

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