Feedback, Story-telling and ways to build a Collaborative Living Environment

Why not create a ‘collaborative living environment’ than just a learning environment? How can you use ‘Feedback’ as a ‘story-telling’ tool to build relationships and a Collaborative Living Environment…?

Did you know that you can use ‘feedback’ as a tool for motivation and creating a collaborative living environment?

The use of feedback in most organizations is confined to the development of employees. Whether it is 1:1 feedback during performance review or 360 feeStorytelling-770x500dback, the emphasis lies on how you could help your employee in identifying areas of strength and weakness. This in turn lead to creation of personal development plans which are then subsequently reviewed on a periodic basis. While this is an essential part of performance management and development, feedback can also serve a higher purpose. That of creating a collaborative learning environment.

By sharing the stories and insights that emerge from a feedback session, you could create a climate where a feedback received by one employee can trigger lessons and story books for others to learn from. Both from a ‘success’ or ‘failure’ perspective.

You could end up writing a best seller if you care to tap into all the stories behind the success and failures of employees and convert them into books which can then be referred to by all. While you might be thinking, isn’t that what our ‘knowledge management’ system is doing right now? I see that most of such system tend to be focused on capturing the processes and mechanics of work which happen in the organization than the softer ‘human’ side of the story. Things like what each employee goes through mentally while achieving success or encountering failures. It’s like a mountaineer narrating his story about all that he had to go through before reaching the summit. Stories can ‘drive the emotions’ of your employees akin to what you go through while watching a gripping movie.

From the very beginning of mankind, stories have been the key to survival – Why not harness its potential?

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