Clean workspace for healthier and happier employees

Didn’t you feel an instant uplift in your moods after a thorough cleaning and organizing of your home space? It’s the same with your office space as well. Employees today spend almost 60% of their time at work and it becomes imperative for companies to invest in providing a clean workspace which can boost their productivity.

Did you know that a typical office workstation or keyboard can contain as many as 7,500 bacteria at any given moment? Or that viruses like the flu can linger on office desks or computers for 24 hours or more?

These frightening statistics reveal just how an unclean office environment can have a negative impact on workplace productivity. for numerous reasons. It becomes harder to motivate yourself to work your best when you are confronted with a filthy office every morning.Clean workspace

Working in a clean, healthy environment can have a major impact on how people feel and behave in the workplace. They may love their job, but on those bad days, a bright and clean workspace can help lift their moods and keep them productive. In an unclean or cluttered workspace, frustrations can mount more quickly and bad days and problems seem to only get worse.

Going too long with an unclean environment can put even the health of your employees at risk. Unfortunately, most assume that people carry their illness from outside and pay little attention to what is happening in the environment where they spend most of their time in a day. Even schools for that matter blame the student for getting a cold or flu and spreading it to the entire class. Have you ever thought about how much attention is paid to the hygiene and cleanliness in a classroom? The environment for a child is equally stressful as much as it is for employees at work. We all agree that a stressful environment is the prime contributor towards reducing your body’s defences against cold or flu viruses.

A clean workplace improves air quality and reduces the spread of germs and bacteria, and that cuts down on sick days and absenteeism. When your workers are healthy, they’ll have more energy and feel more creative, resulting in improved performance and a boost in business.

A clean workspace benefits not just your employees but also has a positive impact on customer service as well, particularly if you have customers visit your office. Your workspace right from the welcome mat to reception and washrooms can make your visitors feel confident about your attention to detail and professionalism in turn to work with you.

Whether you seek to attract new customers or prospective employees even the smallest detail of a clean, bright and vibrant work environment can provide you with a competitive advantage. When was the last time you conducted a ‘cleanliness audit’? Start doing it now.

Dress up your office, give it a makeover, get it ready as you would on the day of your wedding. Don’t you spend more time wedded to your office than to your life partner afterall? 😊

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