Don’t ‘resign’ – ‘design’ instead!

Are you caught up in finding “who you really are”?

It’s a trap best avoided.  Instead focus your energies towards “What you want to be” – because that’s what matters.

When you start your pursuit to find who you really are, what you are actually ending up doing is to get stuck up in the past.  Instead of focusing on what you can do to enhance your life, you’ve only tried discover or understand why you are the way you are.  This is very limiting as it is a pursuit of comforting yourself of your limitations. It is sort of self-serving nonsense best avoided.

Caught up in self-discovery!

Most people somewhere deep down are desirous of changing their lives and believe that they can make changes in their lives.  It’s only when you have given up hope you start to focus inwards and try to discover the so-called ‘you’ so that you can find solace or comfort in the ‘bullshit’ of self-acceptance.

Stop! Find some purpose.  Set some goals.  You know you are cheating yourself by this façade of self-discovery.  All these concepts have been carefully crafted, packaged and sold by an industry which thrives on the tourism of self-discovery.  Mind you even I am a party.

It’s certain that you will be someone, someday – what matters is for you to choose what you want to be.  The choices you make are going to define your future.  You know from your life experiences that all what you have achieved has come to you because of your deliberate and intentional focus.  Our mind is a goal seeking device and is always desirous of a clear purpose or vision.  The more clear you are about your goals and the more you visualize the outcome you desire, the higher will be your motivation to achieve.

Okay, now that you have discovered yourself and accepted yourself; what would happen?  Do you resign to this fact and stop living?  For example, you discovered that you are not ‘creative’ by nature, does that mean that you abandon the attempt to create forever?  What if you discovered that you are a ‘shy’ person?  Do you resign to this fact and stop your social interactions?

What propels you forward is your vision of “What you want to be”.  Life happens only when you have a purpose.  A mind which doesn’t have a purpose and a compelling one at that is of a person who is already ‘dead’ – Are you?

People can and do change.  You have too.  It’s for you to make those choices.

Please do not ‘resign’, ‘design’ instead!

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