Don’t let your ‘past’ define your identity!

Visualize your future self. Who do you see? Describe your ‘self’.

Do you visualize and consciously design your future identity of self?

What would happen if you base your identity on who you want to be, rather than who you have been all this while?

Remember, “Who you want to be” is much more important than who you are right now. Your ‘Goals’ should direct all your current identity and being far more than your past identity.


Hopefully, you will have a wide range of experiences than you are currently experiencing of yourself. Your future will have greater opportunities, in terms of your relationships, career, finances, health, and self-view and you will have a far greater choice than what you have currently.  You will have greater knowledge, skills and network.

It’s a possibility that your future could be limited than what it is today based on what you are doing right here and now.

If your behaviors are not commensurate with your future goals and you make wrong decisions and choices then you will end up with less than your current self.

Most of the times interruptions and procrastination which seem small and harmless can cascade and multiply into huge problems over time. People get themselves into terrible situations due to their own poor decisions. Their lack of intention, planning, and goal-directed action is what makes them much worse than their former selves. They pay the price in all dimensions of their life.

However, life can take a whole new meaning when you  start to think about what you want your future to look like. Instead of making choices based on your current situation and identity you should start making choices which your future self would appreciate. You are responsible for setting yourself up for as much opportunity, success, and joy as possible. This is how you become the person and create the life you want, rather than living like someone with a whole lot of regret.

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