Your ability to think and contemplate is limited by your vocabulary?

How do you think? What do you use to process or comprehend what you see? What skills do you use to contemplate?

While you may bring into play a combination of skill sets or senses like sight, smell, touch, hearing etc., your final ability to comprehend or process the information, will be dictated by your ‘vocabulary’ and ‘knowledge’ which is stored in your brain or memory using some language which you have learnt.  While your are able to expand your memory using all your senses, the senses of touch, sight, smell, hearing, taste are only useful for ‘reacting’.  You are able to respond and think differently only using the words you possess in your memory.  That’s what differentiates us humans from the rest of the living beings.


In fact the process of thinking is actually a communication process by self within the boundaries of your mind / intellect.

You define your life using language or vocabulary which you possess and that definition will be limited by what you have, to express yourself. While this being the case, the extent of your vocabulary can at times be a limiting factor for ‘compelling action’.  The words you possess in your memory helps you to describe reality in many different ways leading to new ideas or creativity.

You may want to ponder – whether your vocabulary is coming in the way of your personal growth? Is it enabling or disabling? Empowering or Disempowering?

Have you started to think now? 🙂

Is there any other way you think?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Sree Kumar Palakkal

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  1. Continue to pen down your thoughts like should help to think and act at least some of them to the best of their ability

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