“Learn to get in touch with yourself and know that your life has a purpose.”

I was told that each one of us is born with a life purpose.


Nothing is farther from the truth than this.

If I was already born with a purpose code embedded in myself, where is there a need for me to find it?

The embedded software will anyway perform the way it was programmed to do.  The script as I kept reminding you in all my previous episodes, has already been written, packaged and delivered to this world.

Mind you it has already gone through stringent quality checks and scrutiny of the all powerful being, who created a hardware (called the universe) on which the software ( called you ) has been successfully ported.

Never mind the occasional glitch in the software or a virus attack which could render the software unstable.  Not to forget all the malware and bloatware (in the form of people in your life) who are ever present to slow you down or make your performance sluggish.

In “An IDIOTS Guide To Success” I am going to today tell you, how the quest for finding your “life purpose” is a sheer waste of time and energy.  Stay away from this ‘malware’ which could slow you down in life.

Let me give you an example.  In today’s digital world, you cannot imagine yourself without a digital device which helps you perform various tasks.   Your mobile device comes with a set of embedded software, called the operating system (OS) which helps you along the way.  You have various application software pre-loaded on top of the OS which have been programmed already to help you perform some tasks.

Does the mobile device try to find out it’s purpose?  Does it try to go inward to know the source code of its OS and various other applications? 

If you truly believe that “you are born into this world to fulfil some purpose”, then your IDIOT guide says, you are no different than the mobile device.

Don’t waste your energy in finding your source code.  It’s already written and programmed.  You just have to play along.

Unfortunately, many of you have been misguided in believing that you will find true happiness only when you discover who you are and the purpose for which you have arrived on this planet.

It is the biggest distraction, which could cost you endless hours in expending cognitive, physical, mental or emotional energy.

It will side-track you from your journey, get you to wander and drift and accomplish little.

Like a mobile device, you are a programmed living device (we call ourselves human) and you must just react / respond to requests in the moment.

Your IDIOT Guide asks you to be wary of the bloatware and malware who could gate-crash or completely take control of your OS – the embedded code which you were born with.

You will be truly natural and lead your life happily when you learn to respond to people in the moment, become aware of your available resources in the moment, react to the opportunities which come your way – in the moment.

The world benefits too, as you act in complete alignment with your hardware and software applications.  That’s when all your actions will be automatically serve your life’s purpose.

If you are a person who likes to enjoy a life free of the thoughts on ‘purpose’, then you are welcome to a membership to the IDIOTS club.

And, if you are still seeking and searching within for your life’s purpose, then beware – you are already carrying a malware.

Until next time your IDIOT says Ciao!

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