I would like to start by pinning the blame squarely on Edison for having quoted “I have not failed, I know of 10,000 ways in which it won’t work”

Don’t you get it.  Your results don’t lie, and the easiest way to get demoralized or get stuck is to pay attention to the outcome!

It is for me the easiest and fastest way to NOT enjoy your journey and get all tangled up with the weight of your failures or success.  When you fail you wallow in pain and when you succeed you get drunk into slumber.

In episode 4 of  “An IDIOTS Guide To Success” I am going to tell you how paying attention to the outcome is a sure way towards a stressful life.


I’ve heard people telling me that “failure is a steppingstone to success”.  I must tell you I never believed in taking those flights of the stairway to success.  If I had, I would have been dead depressed by now.  Thank god, I am forgetful and don’t remember my failures.

Imagine if you were overweight, what use is it to keep on paying attention to that if it’s not going to help you lose some?  The problem with most people is that they pay so much attention to their weight that they just don’t anymore have the motivation to move forward.  They succumb to stress eating disorders.  Now let’s say they join a gym and set themselves some goals – one look into the mirror and the outcome they see around them will be an instant dampener for many.  That’s probably the reason why most give up and get back to their old ways and find themselves heavier on the scale than before.

Those around you will make you believe by showing you photos and videos of the way people like you have transformed themselves after many failed attempts.  Don’t succumb to their sales pitch.  They are all trying to make a quick buck out of your situation.

Can’t you see, “Your failure is in fact a stepping stone for others success!”

The first person I would like to blame therefore is Edison for having quoted “I have not failed, I know of 10,000 ways in which it won’t work”

I wish you good luck.  I don’t have the patience nor the energy to fail 10,000 times before I find my way.  I would rather forget my first failure and just move on.  In the process if I fail a million times so be it.  I still have the ability to forget and move on.

In fact, Edison with this one quote has contributed immensely to the mental health, fitness and success coaching industry.  Not to mention, even your IDIOT Guide has benefited from this largesse.

Mind you it’s not just about failures, do not pay attention to successful outcomes as well.  Keep moving forward as if nothing happened.  If you were good enough to succeed then, you will be good enough to succeed now as well.

By the way, the successful people don’t waste their time telling you how to be successful, as they are busy doing what they have to do in the moment.

Let me take the example of the Belgium soccer team in the recently concluded world cup played in Russia.  They were touted to be the team to beat.  The golden generation of Belgium football. What do you think happened to the team which was till then bull-dozing its way to the final by defeating some of the heavy weights of soccer? 

In the final they had to taste defeat at the hands of the French and it was quite a shameful score line as well.

The team just was paying too much attention to the ‘outcome’ or the result.

They started to imagine themselves on the podium long before they took the field on the day of the final.

Paying attention to the outcome is a sure way to freeze all action.  Isn’t it the case with an athlete, a speaker, a writer, an artist, and many other professions you can think of?

Results don’t lie

So, your IDIOTS Guide tells you that in order to be successful, don’t bother or pay attention to the outcome!

Please don’t KID yourself!  Enjoy this moment! Start Living!

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