STOP looking for ‘wisdom’ – the ‘PEARLS’ are hidden well within!

How often do you “Live and re-Live” your life stories?

Live and re-live your life stories, there are hidden gems there. 

There is so much to learn from daily reflections of our own life that you will be amazed at the potential ‘wisdom’ you carry around with you.

Haven’t you always sensed this when you have listened to the lecture or talk of the so-called ‘wise-man’ or guru?

….. that this person is not saying anything new and you already knew all what is being said?

At times have you felt that you yourself could be a ‘guru’ to someone and easily narrate such stories?

What it points to is that there is a wealth of ‘wisdom’ which lies within each one of us.  That which has come to us from our own life experiences.  Probably why the cliché’ “wiser by experience” or by “hindsight” has been in vogue.  Also, peddled by the so-called gurus as if it is discovery of ‘truth’ or something like that.

When you fail to spend some time by reflecting on your life experiences and trying to learn from them, you miss a great opportunity.

Will it not be more convincing if you narrate your life stories to yourself everyday and the lessons you learnt from them? 

It cannot get more authentic than that!

So, STOP looking for ‘wisdom’ – the ‘PEARLS’ are hidden well within!

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