Self-care is such an important aspect of positive parenting. It is both fulfilling and rewarding at the same time for both you as a parent and your child.

Many parents claim that caring for children is much more exhausting than work!  Surprised?

The positive side of the story is that caring for your child/children is more meaningful and rewarding in the long term.

It’s like watering a plant.  It can get frustrating at times that you are not able to see the fruits of your labor immediately, but when the flower does blossom, the happiness and joy it provides you is unmatched.

Self-care and positive parenting

When it comes to parenting, mothers are more likely to wear themselves out and more often claimed that they were exhausted from spending time with their kids, household chores, office, and even leisure activities.  You may ask why leisure activity must exhaust a mother?  It’s cause it is not about their leisure but the role they have to play even in the leisure activity of their child/children.

For those mothers who have their little angels reaching their teens, it can put additional stress as the transitioning period comes with its own set of challenges.  This is due to their child/children going through intense emotional and mental upheavals which come with their physiological changes.

It demands a high level of endurance, especially for working mothers and it would be very important that they take care of themselves first.

Self-care has to be your number one priority as a stressed-out mother can get overwhelmed with personal and professional work overload.  It will start impacting your thinking, decision-making, and problem-solving ability and more importantly your communication.

Frequent emotional outbursts, anger, conflicts, relationship struggles are some which you could add to the list.

Our ‘Positive Parenting’ program focuses first on ‘Self-Care’ before even it attempts to address the challenges of your child/children.  It guarantees that you are in better control of yourselves before you start helping others in the family.

The ‘Power of Positive Parenting’ – Online Program

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