The focus of all lockdowns has been to break the chain – breaking the physical spread of the virus. Apart from practicing the 3Ws i.e., Wear your Mask, Wash your hands and Watch your distance.

Has it helped? partially and in some places totally.

The unfortunate thing is that we have not practiced that on social media and in our thinking.

The “Law of Attraction” says that you tend to get what you focus your energies on. Now let’s look at the type of energies we are generating around the already stressful situation of the pandemic.

So much dread, fear, cynicism, and negativity. The only stories we are getting to hear are of how things are going from bad to worse, how governments have been failing us, how it is all a sham.

Every day, you open social media, turn on the tv, talk to people, the only talk is around how things are very bad and will get much worse.

How is it helping those who are suffering?

We know that words have power and they can shape our minds.

Can we attempt a hard lockdown on our negative stories? Can we STOP talking about how things are going downhill? Can we tell stories which will lift people’s spirit? Can we share the success stories of those who have recovered?


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